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Hello, I'm Amy

A Bit About Me

I'm an Aussie-born, London-based, American-speaking creative. I want to reclaim and reimagine old stories for new times. If you can manage a singular "they", please do so for me.

Current Projects

Places you can currently see, hear or experience me in action

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My day job is managing a holiday club for primary-school children near Canary Wharf. I often employ actors looking for casual work - get in touch here.

Babies & Bathwater.png

My award-winning show returns in a new version under director Emily Louizou  (Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, Collide Theatre). 6-11May. Get tickets here.

Map in Grass

Blogging about my attempt to read one book from every country in the world. Are blogs still relevant? Who cares. This one's for fun.

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