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Hello, I'm Amy

A Bit About Me

I'm an Aussie-born, London-based, American-speaking theatre-maker. I want to reclaim and reimagine old stories for new times. If you can manage a singular "they", please do so for me.

Current Projects

All the places you can currently see, hear or experience me in action

Body Hour.png

An improvised movement workshop designed to help you find the best version of embodiment for YOU. A disability-inclusive take on 5rhythms, with a bit more chat. For more information, visit the Body Hour Linktree here.


I am pleased to be directing Jessica Munna's solo show Pieces of Us. Five stories of making meaning after tragedy in a divided America. On at the 2023 Edinburgh Fringe, 10am at Surgeon's Hall, 14th-29th August (not 20th). More info on the EdFringe site here


Even if you can’t make it to Edinburgh this August you can still see my directorial debut Pieces of Us - by video! The writer-performer Jessica Munna has created a crowdfunder looking for support for the show, and if you donate £25 here you will get access to the videorecording.

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