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2022 Projects

Playwrights' Hive


I am very grateful to be on the Playwrights' Hive course run by Broken Silence Theatre. With their support, I am writing one short and one full-length play:

The Raven Himself, in which the actor playing Lady Macbeth collars her entitled male co-star in rehearsal.

How to Make a Home, based on the life of Mauritian-born Renee Lady Iliffe, who rebuilt Basildon Park in Berkshire in the mid-twentieth century.

Babies and Bathwater 

Actor - Writer - Producer

"I am like ice cream, I am like cake, I am like fruit . . . No. I am a time bomb waiting to go off."

1956, Melbourne, Australia. Evelyn Parker is the perfect housewife, who’s taking her almighty husband to court for the most epic divorce imaginable. A surreal short drama about destroying your truth to find out who you are. WINNER OF THE SEAN MEEHAN IDENTITY AWARD, DUBLIN GAY THEATRE FESTIVAL.


"Written & performed by a creative powerhouse and with an ending I guarantee you won't see coming" - Dublin Gay Theatre Festival

“Terrific humour; important drama from an exciting artist” **** – Spy in the Stalls

Read a review here, or view an excerpt here.

This Is Getting Harder

Actor - Writer

"Some days I stand at my studio door thinking, don't make me, don't make me. This was my idea, who's making me?"

Stuck between worlds of certainty and uncertainty, youth and experience, a successful professional exterior and a rapidly deteriorating interior, a famous artist realises she doesn’t know who she is anymore.

Part of the Make Me series of ​audio dramas by Flugelman Productions. Listen to the whole series on Spotify or here.

Pieces of Me 


"Don't think you understand my politics based on my accent or where I'm from."

Meaning, loss, and American capitalism, through the eyes of four very different women. Written and performed by Jessica Munna, at the Rosemary Branch Theatre April 9-10th.

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About Me

More than anything else, I believe in the arts. I have been working in theatre, film, voice-over and communications for ten years. I am an actor, a writer, a teaching artist, a box office manager, a self-producer. 

"A theatre to me is a place 'where two or three are gathered'.  The apostolic succession from Aeschylus to myself is as serious and as continuously inspired as the apostolic succession of that younger institution, the Christian church." - George Bernard Shaw

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