Part of the Make Me series

"What kind of artist doesn't want to go to their own opening?"

On the day her newest exhibition opens, an exhausted thirtysomething painter hides in a box in her hotel room. In comes a young queer filmmaker, who attempts to rescue the artist's brand between her own unanswered phone calls. The two women flirt, fight, and try to figure out who they are, over the course of one life-changing night.

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In a digital world where we hang on to every label, celebrated or vilified, how do you construct, negotiate or realise your own identity?


About Make Me 

Six different artists answer this question six different ways in the Make Me audio series, produced by Hayley Ricketson & Flugelman Productions. You can listen to the whole series for free here soon.


Sound Design by Bethany Duke

Additional audio assistance from Jason Page

Thanks to:

Jason Page & Lucas Buchanan for the background talking

Katie Warnusz-Steckel for talking to me about psychosis

Monica Elith for talking to me in her hybrid accent

Erin Mulvaney for talking to me about journalism

Jessica Munna for talking to me about the script

Amy Garner Buchanan-117-4.jpg
Amy Garner Buchanan
Writer & Actor - "Artist"

As well as being an actor and writer, I am an insatiable podcast listener and so pleased to begin making my own audio content. This is my first radio play and my third collaboration with producer Hayley Ricketson.

Hayley Ricketson
Series Creator & Producer

Hayley writes and produces plays and poetry, as well as working in communications for Dan Andrews, Australia's most exhausted politician. She occasionally blogs for A Younger Theatre.

Mariagrazia LaFauci

Artistic Director of Trinacria Theatre Company, Mariagrazia recently released her first audiobook "Colapesce" based on a legend from her hometown in Sicily.

Leslie Lenert
Actor - "Filmmaker"

Leslie is an actor and teaching artist from Houston, Texas. She is the Musical Director and one of the stars of the "Presto! Fairy Tales" YouTube series. As a supermarket employee she is also one of the heroes of the pandemic.

Jessica Munna
Actor - "Publicist"

Jessica is an actor, writer, singing teacher, and the founder of Imposter Productions, currently developing her debut solo show "Colossus". If you like her voice, listen to her on "The Poetry Podcast".

Tristan Schaffer-Goldman
Actor - "Producer"

Trained in Europe and based in New York, Tristan performs in a range of media including voice-over, Shakespeare, and physical theatre. He appears in Trinacria Theatre Company's audiobook "Colapesce".

Winnie Arhin
Actor - "Friend"

Winnie is an actor, writer, radio presenter and theatre worker. She recently created her debut solo comedy show "Big Girl Words" on the Soho Writers' Lab and hosts "ArtBeat" on Soho Radio.

Flugelman Productions

Started by sisters, Edwina and Victoria, Flugelman Productions brings together writers, performers, musicians and dancers from all over the world, inspired to tell great stories.