#28playslater - finished!

So bloody proud of myself! And now I have loads of great material I want to take further. Since my last post, the rest of the challenge went as follows....

Day 23. Prompt: keep working on a previous or unfinished play. I extended Day 19's challenge, a little Aussie road-trip piece called "Take You to Task".

Day 24. Prompt: write autobiographically. I wrote a short (let's not kid ourselves, they're all shorts) called "Family Circle" in which my family tells the story of my birth over and over.

Day 25. The prompt today was sort of the opposite of yesterday's - look outside yourself and write about what you notice. A screensaver caught my eye, so I anthropomorphised the coloured streaks on the screen into characters at work. It was sort of like the stories I used to make up as a kid, about little workmen (they were all men; why was child Amy sexist?) who manually ran the clock.

Day 26. Prompt: make a saying literal. I went real Aussie and wrote a play about a frog in a sock with emotional management issues.

Day 27. Write a new play based on one of the old prompts. I went back to Day 18's brief to use a really odd opening sentence.

Day 28. Prompt: Land Ahoy! I went to one of my favourite inspo spots, the National Gallery, and sitting in front of Jan Brueghel the Elder’s painting “A Sea Storm”, wrote from the perspective of one of its characters.

I'm so bloody proud of myself (did I say that already?) for getting all the plays in and all responding to the prompts. And it taught me so much about my own writing process.

Advice to anyone in future years doing this challenge: set yourself a daily timetable. I generally did some free writing before I went to bed each night, spent an hour generating the play the next day and another hour editing it before the next brief came in. I heard so many stories about people missing deadlines because of falling asleep so it was only a couple of times during the whole month that I submitted near the morning deadline and not before going to bed the night before.

Looking forward to getting some of these shorts on stage or screen in the near future!

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