It's the End of August and We're All Tired

Been thinking about artistic burnout. As I'm sure everyone returning from #edfringe is too. Or should be.

My August was HUUUUUGE. I had a full-time #dayjob at Camp Canary with delightful small children, one of whom taught me Korean (including the song in the video below!); I rehearsed and produced and performed Bruised Fruit; I attended the Embodied Artist Retreat in Devon. I also finally signed with an agent! So pleased to join the team at Eaglestone Management.

As I leap from a very full, delightful August into a September full of projects and possibilities, a line from Julia Cameron which I can't properly remember comes into my head. It's something to the effect of: sometimes you feel low not because things have been going badly but because things have been going well. You've been working (hurrah!), you've been expressing your creativity (YES), you've been in the flow...and the well is drying up because you've been sharing so much.

My challenge this week to myself (as well as learning lines for Women of Paradise) is to refill the well. I'm starting with a fancy breakfast on Monday morning and then climbing the Monument.

So, artists and humans out there, please be good to yourselves. Figure out what fills your well and then do it. Realise that low feelings aren't a sign of anything being wrong.

P.S.: here's a short play I wrote about burnout during #28playslater (writing a play every day in February - there's a recipe for burnout if I ever heard one!) Click here to read This Is Getting Harder.

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