The Sloane Square Project is Hiring!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

The Sloane Square Project are hiring! We are looking for two London-based theatremakers to fill the following positions:


Male actor from the East Asian diaspora needed to fill this multi-roling track for our R&D. Our play is about a boy searching for his father, and CHORUS 2 plays ALLL of his potential father figures, including some emotionally heavy-hitting work. Languages other than English, swordfighting and/or piano skills a plus.


We need someone to help with company admin/communication during R&D and to notate what we create during that time.


Company rate for all collaborators is £75/day for R&D in May/June (dates TBC). If we like working together, there’s the possibility of a longer additional contract for the full production in Autumn/Winter 2021.

Auditions and interviews held week beginning April 12th. CVs to

About our play:

Raised in poverty by a depressed single mother, Ludo is convinced he can solve all their problems, if only he can find his father. His epic quest takes him from East London to the Arctic Circle, from mediaeval Japan to the depths of his mother's sadness, all without ever getting off the Circle Line. Based on Vulture's book of the century 'The Last Samurai', 'We Never Get Off at Sloane Square' is a smart and hopeful play, set simultaneously in 1990s London and inside the mind of an extraordinary child. Read more at or see our crowdfunder video below.

Content warning: this play contains a depiction of suicide, and a brief mention of sexual assault.

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