The Quarantine Diaries


Tweet from Arts Council of England announcing redirection of project funds into emergency packages

Over the next month

The theatres will close

The jobs will get furloughed

The money will stop

And the hopes will get cancelled

I sit in a messy pile

of risk, fear, ambition, creativity, and failure


Palm Sunday

I sit at the feet

Of my creativity

And she says

(ain't nothin gonna break my stride)

Today I am big

I am huge

And you feel free

But if you scare me

If you force me into

Labels and boxes and over-shaping

It proves I no longer fit

If you put your impossible expectations on me

I will dry up

And run away

And starve

And so will you


Maundy Thursday

I sit in the sun

With my creativity

And she says,

Not just yet my precious

First remember how to breathe

And breathe

And breathe


Good Friday

My god, my god, why have you forsaken me?


In the Tomb

I sit and I listen

to others' creativity

He's getting quarantine commissions

I'm discovering how much tax I owe

We are not the same

But he reminds me of earlier times

So I select the golden filter

Impossible smiles are on our faces

We circle each other, hand-in-hand

In a colourful large space

But really

It was grey early morning and I was outrunning my sads

To arrive at rehearsal with new edits

It was waking up in the middle of the night

Because a play needs writing like a baby needs birth

Because love it will not let me go

It was breathing through

And trusting

And waiting for you

In stillness

A stubborn following of your thread

Was all it ever was

And so I wait

And step by step

I hope my way through the maze

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