What Quarantine Taught Me About Acting

Think about how exhausted you feel recently after a day of being watched by, and communicating through, a camera on #Zoom meetings.

Think about how the second a camera is on you, it’s sometimes hard to think about anything other than how stupid you look. Sometimes you forget how to human, and get awkward suddenly in ways you never would have before.

Now, add in the need to hit your deepest, most vulnerable emotions on command, and share those honestly, out loud, through your webcam.

Add in someone whose job it is to call you out the second you say something that looks like you are faking it.

Add in the need to have the same conversation over and over again to explore the nuances, while still moving your body in exactly the same way to help continuity, or to meet various technical or aesthetic instructions.

w Chloe Ewart in Tennessee Williams: Women of Paradise

Add in the fact that the conversation is not actually from your real life, and does not use your own words and logic or even your own accent. But you have to make it make sense and make it interesting to watch and make it look like it’s a truth that happened to come up naturally.

All this while still managing workplace politics about who has the power, is the chain of command working, I fancy my co-worker but probs shouldn't start anything (or should I?), I don't like this work & I preferred yesterday's, etc etc etc.

The best actors manage to do all of this, and more, and make it look like the most natural thing in the world.

A lot of people who have never done it think acting is easy, or say things like, “How hard is it really to do her job? She just plays similar characters in all her movies.”

Acting looks easy because we make it look easy. And it's the most brilliant job. I can’t wait to do it again.

[Jennifer Aniston video included coz she's so good at all of the above!]

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