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Sloane Square Project

Smart, epic theatre that reminds you to hope. From an international community of collaborators, based in London.

Babies & Bathwater.png

Babies & Bathwater

at A Pinch of Vault 2024

Evelyn Parker, a housewife from rural Australia, is in court suing for the most epic divorce imaginable. "Written and performed by a creative powerhouse, with an ending I guarantee you won't see coming" - Kerric Harvey, Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. Click here for tickets.

We Never Get Off at Sloane Square

Show in Development

Raised in poverty by a depressed single mother, a child genius recruits for the perfect father. His epic quest takes him from South London to the Arctic Circle, from Kurosawa's Japan to the depths of his mother's sadness, all without ever getting off the Circle Line.


Charlie Ives


Charlie is an actor-muso extraordinaire from the Midlands. In an early draft of We Never Get Off at Sloane Square she multi-roled forty characters without batting an eyelid. Click here for Charlie's website.

Emily Louizou


Emily is a smart, feminist director with a particular interest in the classics of her native Greece. Her work includes performances at the Little Theatre of Ancient Epidaurus, the British Museum, and HOME Manchester among others. Click here for Emily's website.

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